OB/GYN (Pain Relief and more)

OB/GYN Pain Management

The first thing a Skyland Physical Therapist will do for your pain is to correctly determine the origin of the pain. Correctly diagnosing where pain is coming from is essential to effective treatment.

Pregnancy and other issues involving the female pelvic floor can cause great pain for women.

Skyland Physical Therapists help women learn positioning techniques, support for the spine during pregnancy and gentle exercise techniques to treat or avoid back / neck pain during pregnancy.

Some women find relief from pain related to menstrual periods through gentle techniques to help support the pelvic floor, reduce back pain and ease discomfort during the natural cycles of a woman’s life.

Back pain is sometimes experienced in the groin; we can give you techniques to improve postural support can often get rid of this referred pain.

Let us help you continue the activities you enjoy without discomfort.