Pre / Post Surgical Care

PT can help avoid surgery, or make the best of it.

You may be surprised to learn that Physical Therapy can help you avoid surgery—however, if surgery is the best treatment, we can help you maximize healing.

Exercises to prepare for surgery and recover after surgery can make a big difference in how quickly you heal.

By working on muscular stabilization, mobility techniques and pain relieving / positioning techniques, we help you obtain the best outcome possible. Our Skyland patients tell us they have had a much better outcome by learning the best way to gradually return to activities and to work on improving strength without causing pain.

You should not feel pain when performing a PT exercise: if that is the case, it is not being performed correctly and we work with you to find a way to improve without causing more pain and inflammation in the process. You may work hard and make good gains without pushing through pain. Pain usually indicates injury and thus we teach you how to identify the difference in good feelings of gaining strength versus injury to the joint or surgical site.

Skyland therapists value working with your physician or other health care provider to provide you the most comprehensive coordinated care.

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