Balance / Gait Training

Prevent falls, heal from injury, and gain more strength by working with our balance and gait training therapists.

Balance and Gait Training

Everyone can benefit from balance training—young or old.

A healthy balance system helps you feel good, move freely and confidently, and will have more energy and strength

Keeping—or regaining—balance is crucial to avoiding injury. Most of us forget to give our balance system the practice it needs.

Many people benefit from PT balance training after injury or a fall. It can also help if you have joint pain which changes your gait and balance.

Being able to balance yourself involves all the senses in your body! Each one informs you how you are moving, and your brain which puts this information together, then conveys it to the muscles that control your movement.

Our balance training can help you get back to normal and overcome feelings of stiffness or unsteadiness and to prevent falls.