Work Injury / Ergonomics

A simple exercise can help relieve neck strain.

Work Injuries / Ergonomics

Ergonomics and injury prevention is a specialty of Skyland Physical Therapy, and we are happy to tailor programming to your individual job tasks or home/community activity demands. We can visit your work site, home office, or classroom to assess ergonomics and offer suggestions for appropriate positioning to avoid pain and maximize function.

Ergonomics is the study of human movement and capabilities in relationship to work demands. These could range from simple activities of daily living, approach to school work, to highly repetitive job demands. Work / School activities should be performed with good supported spinal position, protecting the natural spinal curves.

Children are at risk for ergonomic injuries from working at computer stations designed for adults, sitting with poor postural support at home or school and from the demands of carrying heavy books for long campus distances.

We also offer Ergonomic Training for Employers

On-Site Evaluation – Ergonomic Assessment of Job Tasks with Recommendations/Education:

  • Assessment of work site/station and equipment with education on appropriate utilization/adjustment of equipment (if appropriate) for individualized fit.
  • Group or individual presentation including practice of exercises and corrected body mechanics with tools appropriate to work site.
  • Education on generalized cumulative trauma and postural strain education for injury prevention on the job.
  • Parameters for application on the job (will also include written recommendations for employees to control or reduce Material Safety Data hazards).
  • Body Mechanics/Development of appropriate prevention exercise program (suggestion for micro break exercises that may be performed on the job without interrupting job tasks).

**Contact us if you wish to provide training for your employees.
**One time session or on-going training available.