Sports Injury / Performance

We individualize Sports Rehab to fit your needs.

At Skyland Physical Therapy, our goal is to help you maintain or regain your highest level of function possible.  Whether you participate in Sports, Dance, Yoga, Golf, Mountain Biking, Running, Horseback Riding, Weight Training, Tennis, Swimming, Martial Arts, or any other physical activity, we want you to be able to continue enjoying your physical fitness passion without injury.

Skyland therapists come from a broad background of Physical Fitness disciplines such as Marathon Running, Mountain Biking, Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts, Tennis, Golf, Horseback Riding, Hiking and Weight Training. We understand the need to continue participating in your discipline, if at all possible, during the rehab process. We will teach you how to modify your activity to avoid further injury and will teach you a step by step process for returning to your full level of activity as soon as possible.

For students, we will also work with your coach or teacher to help you learn ways to manage your injury during practice and ways to relearn correct mechanics during application of your physical activity to avoid further injury.

We support your desire to be active and want to help you learn how to participate without pain and injury.