Success Stories

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Gin Oman

90% Improvement for Gin

Gin Oman has lived 28 years with multiple sclerosis but has consistently refused to let the disease define her life. She says: “I have tried many physical therapists in my life, and Skyland PT is THE BEST, hands-down. Melinda has helped me dramatically improve my movement. I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, and I have made an incredible 180 degree change from when I first came to her. I can do things now that I never thought possible to do again. Skyland PT has made a 90 percent improvement to my health and happiness. The most one-on-one attention you’ll ever find. JUST GO!!”



Andi Locke-Mears

Pain-Free Within A Few Sessions

“My experience with Melinda and Kristen has been nothing short of miraculous. In 1997, I was injured while horseback riding; by 2004, the lower back pain was still intense. Over the next 12 years, I saw countless therapists, rolfers, chiropractors, massage therapists and energy workers. Nothing helped like what I experienced with Melinda and Kristen. Within a few sessions I was pain-free, and I had the tools and knowledge to keep myself out of pain. I am amazed and thrilled and highly recommend them to everyone!”


Curing Mike’s Headaches

Mike came to us after seeing several physician specialists, getting MRIs and other tests, and seeing another PT. His headaches were severe, occurring daily and interfered with his work, sleep and other activities such as golf and playing guitar.

Melinda Halford, PT, CLT diagnosed Mike’s headaches as coming from a disc bulge in his neck and gave him some simple exercises and positioning techniques to get rid of them. Mike is back to swinging his golf club, playing his guitar and working/ sleeping without interference from his headaches. He is so happy and thankful to have his life back!

Skyland Physical Therapy helped Brittany’s dance moves

Returning Brittany to the Dance Floor

After three surgeries, Brittany was unable to dance  with the grace and strength she used to have. In our new offices across the highway from the River Ridge Shopping Center, Brittany found three experienced physical therapists with previous degrees in dance who were perfectly equipped to help her back to her athletic love.

“I can’t thank you all enough for helping me get back to my dance studies in Australia,” she said. “I am so grateful for your positive encouragement and expertise and have had the best care ever.” We sent Brittany on her way with a grand jete!

Peg Appreciates Our Compassion and Humor

Skyland PT helped Peg

Peg says, “A good knowledge base is essential in Physical Therapy.  But that’s not enough. What is equally important is also having compassion, humor and caring, all of which I received at Skyland Physical Therapy.”

Mr. Carlton Can Walk Without Pain

Mr. Carlton says: “I had sciatic nerve pain, and it wasn’t responding enough to chiropractic treatment. I was referred to Skyland Physical Therapy. The treatment has improved my life tremendously! I can walk, and I’m pain free. I’m very thankful for the care I’ve had!

A Healing Place

“My progress has been steady and the practitioners here are so skilled. I love the fact that this office is filled with laughter and joy, and that it is reflected totally in the energetic experience of healing within these walls. “
Rebecca D.

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