The function g(x) =x^(2)+3. The function f(x)=g(x+2). The function shifted horizontally?2 units left of g(x)2 units right of g(x)The function is not shifted horizontally from g(x)The function shifted vertically?2 units up from g(x)2 units down from g(x)The function is not shifted vertically from g(x)

Accepted Solution

Answer:Function is shifted horizontally, 2 units left of g(x). There is no vertical shift.Step-by-step explanation:Adding a real number s to the argument of a function will have an effect of shifting the graph of the function horizontally by s units. If s>0 the shift is to the left, for s<0 the shift is to the right. See attached plot of the two functions  of g(x) and g(x+2), if you are curious enough.