what is the length of the radius of the LARGER cone(the LARGER cone has a slant height of 15) when the SMALLER cone has a radius of 8 and a slant height of 12ft ,please help.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The radius of the larger cone is equal to 10 ft.Step-by-step explanation:For the smaller cone, we have:radius = r = 8 ftslant height = l = 12 ftslant angle = Ф = sine inverse(l/r)= sine inverse(8/12)Ф = 42°Now For larger cone, with same slant angle,Slant height = 15 ftRadius = r =?r = l sin(Ф)r = 15*sin(42°)r = 15*0.669r = 10 ftHence, the radius of a cone with slant height 15 ft and slant angle 42° would be equal to 10 feet.